Iceland pt 1: How to Pack

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I took a solo trip to Iceland the first week of October and it was amazing. I highly recommend going. I wanted to share my trip along with my packing list, some places to definitely check out and things to keep in mind if you go there.

First, I would’ve rather gone in the summer. I was trying to avoid the major tourist season, but I realized had I gone in summer I could’ve avoided the crowds by checking out sights late-night because of the midnight sun. Also the greenery and flowers would have made for much better photos.

Before I left I stocked up on some gear since I didn’t quite have everything, like hiking shoes or a packable coat. Plus because I was traveling alone, I wanted to make sure I had some extras like aa first aid kit and a couple emergency things.


Packing List

  • Sweaters

  • Several pants (including a pair of Patagonia fleece pants and Prana leggings and moisture-wicking pants which were THE BEST)

  • Light + warm packable down coat (Burton)

  • Raincoat (Herschel)

  • Light jacket (Everlane)

  • Skateboard

  • 30ml dry bag (Amazon)

  • Backpack (Poler)

  • Gloves (REI)

  • Instant Coffee (Voila)

  • Enamel Mug (P&Co)

  • Laptop

  • Growl Waterbottle

  • Traveller mug (keeps drinks hot for longer)

  • Tripods

  • Fujifilm xT20 camera

  • Fujinon 35mm f2.8 lens

  • Fujinon 16–55mm f2.8 lens (rented by They’re THE BEST. So easy to ship stuff back and it arrived perfectly on time. I won’t rent from anywhere else here on out. They also carried tons of Fuji gear which tends to be harder to rent.)

  • ND filters (Amazon)

  • Dicapac waterproof case (Amazon)

  • Microfiber Towels (Amazon)

What I didn’t need to bring:

  • Skateboard: It was actually way more busy on the streets than I expected although surprisingly dry! I’d bring it back in the summer and skate at “night”.

  • Little Tripod: My large one was the best!

  • All of 5 pants: I brought a pair of jeans and another pair of pants I never wore. Just the leggings, fleece and moisture-wicking pants were my favorite. The cozier the better.

  • Growl waterbottle. You can apparently straight up drink Iceland’s water straight from the stream. I didn’t try but I also didn’t need the Growl waterbottle for this trip. A normal one would’ve been fine.

What I was REALLY happy I brought:

  • The sweaters made layering so easy and warm. My Burton jacket and the raincoat kept me so toasty too even when I was soaked from the waterfalls.

  • The Prana moisture-wicking pants. Damn. Dried super fast. I wasn’t even cold when it was 40ºF out and I was soaked by Seljalandsfoss.

  • Microfiber Towels. All the hot springs charge for a towel, it was great to have my own. Also I wrapped the small one around my camera when I got close to the falls. I know they’re weatherproof, but because I was renting some gear I wanted to be extra careful.

  • Dicapac waterproof case. Got some cool Blue Lagoon shots!

  • 30ml dry bag. Instead of buying an expensive waterproof backpack I just stuffed my Poler backpack into the dry bag. It fit perfectly and kept my stuff perfectly dry. Only was $15. Not a bad deal!

  • Voila Instant Coffee. I’m a tiny bit of a coffee snob, I used to barista at a coffee shop in NYC and got really used to good coffee. So since I didn’t want to cringe at hotel coffee I brought these along. They come in a cute cigarette pack of 5 and taste amazing. I made some coffee up on a mountain one day and it was probably one of my favorite moments.

  • Traveller mug. It was nice to take some hot water with me. I don’t own a thermos so it doesn’t work as well but definitely helped!

Coming soon: Part 2 with trip details and more photos!

Sydney Tomer